Building on Striga - Crypto & Banking APIs

Powerful crypto, banking & payments infrastructure for managing wallets, crypto accounts, payments and cards.

Crypto, Banking & Payment APIs

Striga is building infrastructure for digital assets and financial services as a single set of APIs doing the heavy lifting of security and regulatory compliance. The image below sums up what the platform is all about and what it's core components are.

Building a crypto business today is a highly regulated space unlike a few years ago and maintaining a compliance program and building technology presents a huge barrier to entry for startups and mid-size businesses alike and the Striga platform solves the problem with a single set of APIs and a single contract to deliver services to 30 countries today.


With Striga, In Short

You can create identities which are natural persons/businesses in the EEA region and for each verified identity, create as many multi-currency wallets as you like and for each currency in each wallet, you can add IBANs or unique crypto deposit addresses as appropriate. Further, you can move money between wallets to trade and link Visa payment cards to any currency account for spending.


  1. Currently, businesses from anywhere in the world can build on Striga and have corporate wallets and accounts provisioned.

Today, with Striga, across 30 countries in the European Economic Area (EEA), you can, without any licenses -

  1. Onboard consumers
  2. Create EUR vIBANs
  3. Create branded Visa cards and link them to any account in any currency on the Striga platform
  4. Create unique crypto deposit addresses
  5. Trade between crypto and fiat (On/Off Ramps)
  6. Enable easy access to DeFi through smart contract function calls straight from your Striga provisioned wallet
  7. Fully managed compliance (As required by our license)

Striga is the first company to be licensed to operate under the new law (MiCA like) across Europe and is backed by YCombinator, Berkeley SkyDeck, Charlie Lee (Litecoin), Juan Benet (IPFS) and several others.


Having worked with and tried out nearly every single banking service provider out there, we found that overly complex flows and hundreds of APIs in fact causes more annoyance than providing any real flexibility. Some of the best companies we've worked with have a simple set of a few APIs that allow for a very specific set of functions and this is the same methodology that we've followed at Striga, whilst ensuring that you can still achieve the level of customization and flexibility that you want.

The company and it's mission is in empowering developers to focus on building their product whilst being able to simply drag and drop or embed crypto and banking components, without needing a specialized compliance team or a license to work with customer funds.

The ideal Striga integration can be completed in a single day by a single developer.

Write to us on [email protected] for any technical assistance.