Error Codes

Below are a list of possible error codes returned by Striga's API. These are by no means exhaustive and serve as a reference for some of the most common class of errors.


Under Development

Please note, these error codes are under development as we move documentation to an OpenAPI spec. with well typed requests/responses and error messages. Until then, the below is meant to serve as a reference only.

Error CodeDescription
00000Default Error Code
00012Feature not implemented yet
00013Internal service error
30000Invalid API Key
30002Exceeded Email Verification Attempt Count
30003Exceeded Mobile Verification Attempt Count
30004Invalid Mobile Verification Code
30005User does not exist
30006Invalid patch user
30007User not verified
30008User is already verified
30009User verification is in progress
30010KYC rejected, user cannot retry
30011KYC attempt limit exceeded
30030Email & Mobile not verified to start KYC
30012Invalid Authentication Header
30013Invalid request - Card ID & User ID mismatch
30100Card not active
30101Card does not have a PIN
30014Third party API failure
30015Invalid card limits
30016Card is not of type physical
30017Card is already blocked
30018Card should be blocked to be unblocked
300193dSecure should be enabled for the card before activating
300203dSecure is already disabled
300213dSecure is not enabled
30022Invalid cardId
30023Card can be activated only if it is ordered
30024Card can be blocked only when the card is activated ( applies to only physical cards)
30025Card not be unblocked if the card is blocked with blockType being Lost or Stolen
30026Card 3dsecure can not be enables when not in 'ACTIVE' state for cards of type PHYSICAL.
30027Card can not be activated if the card is not is status "Dispatched"
30028Invalid activation code for the physical card
30029Card is already activated
30030Invalid permissions to access resource
30031Bad transfer request
30032Invalid verification code
30033Cannot start KYC
30034Non ACTIVE card being linked
30035Account has a linked card
30099Domain Error
30036Please request an OTP before verifying
30037Please provide at least one transaction fee to update
30038Email cannot be same as existing email
30039Email already exists
30040Mobile cannot be same as existing mobile
30041Mobile already exists
30042This route is restricted and cannot be accessed
30043User is suspended
30044Email/Mobile already verified
30045Below Minimum Trade Value
31001Invalid IBAN/BIC
31002Account not enriched
31003Self SEPA transfer
31004Insufficient balance
31005SEPA destination non-enriched or inactive account
31006LN withdrawal in progress
31007Self LN transfer
31008Exceeded Mobile Resend Count
31009User Mobile number is already verified
31010Exceeded Email Resend Count
31011WalletId not found
31012Error occurred while creating the card.
31025There was an error while initiating the LN transaction.
31026An error occurred while initiating the SEPA transaction.
31027Error encountered during instant swap process.
31028Please try again later. There are too many attempts?
31029Error encountered while sending multi-currency transaction.
31030An error occurred while initiating inter-intra transaction.
31031Error encountered during processing external service provider.
31032An error occurred while initiating on-chain transaction.
31033Error encountered while fetching email or mobile expiry details.
31038Invalid fee estimate - Please verify configured fee parameters.
31047Error accessing the requested resource.
31048Account operation has expired.
31055Rate limit exceeded.
31062Funds cannot be sent in this direction.
31064Invalid OTP.
31065Too many attempts at 2FA.
31067Invalid transaction type specified.
31069Mobile number not set for the account.
31073Invalid wallet ID provided.
31075Invalid user ID provided.
31078Invalid withdrawal fee specified.
31079Account has already been enriched.
31081Error occurred during enrichment process.
31082Invalid currency specified.
31083User not found in the system.
31088Trade value is below the minimum allowed.
31090Insufficient balance for the transaction.
31092Error occurred while creating user account.
31093Error occurred while patching user data.
31094Error encountered while sending verification code.
32011Card country not supported
32012Card creation limit reached
32013accountIdToLink is required when a fee is configured
32014Invalid accountId
32015Mobile number already exists
32016Invalid mobile number
32017User is terminated
41001Invalid currency/network pair
41002Address already whitelisted
41003Address cannot be whitelisted
41004Address not whitelisted
41005Invalid destination address on send
41006Invalid address
41007DeFi not enabled on account
41008Withdrawal fees exceed amount
60001User limit exceeded