Your Corporate Account at Striga

The "Corporate" section of the Dashboard houses information about your entity and similarly on production contains a single corporate wallet that houses an account, one in each currency for your company.

These accounts receive the proceeds of fees collected on transactional events, from your customers. Please note, we are only able to collect fee on "Deterministic Transactional Events". This basically means that if a predictable monetary event occurs, involving the account balance of a user, we can at that point in time, collect fees for you and deposit these fees into your corporate account. This way it keeps your entity out of the scope of licensing and never have to handle user funds directly. Currently we can collect fees on the following types of events -

  1. Crypto Swaps (With threshold configurations)
  2. Crypto Deposits/Withdrawals
  3. Bank Transfers In/Out
  4. Card Creation Virtual/Physical
  5. Card Authorization
  6. Card ATM Authorization
  7. Physical Card Delivery

Most fees are set to be a flat value (in EUR) + a variable percentage value. At the time of each of the above transactional events, we automatically check the users' balance using your fee configuration and the spot exchange rate at that time, to calculate the estimated fee to be collected on your behalf and collect the fee.


Deposit Fee collection with fixed + % fees

On deposit transactions, if the amount being deposited is smaller than the fixed fee, we cannot collect the fixed fee and hence only collect the percentage fee.

Fee thresholds are the fixed + percentage fee UP TO which you can change the fee to be collected from your user, at any time. This threshold applies to Crypto Exchanges mainly. However you can "Override" the applied fee at the time of a transaction, to set per transaction fees. Again, these fees for legal reasons must be lesser than or equal to the default fee configured for your application. The APIs for which you can "Override" fees are as follows -

  1. Initiate Outbound LN Payment
  2. Initiate SEPA Withdrawal
  3. Initiate Onchain Withdrawal
  4. Get Onchain Fee Estimate
  5. Currency Swaps

You can request that these fees collected into your corporate account, be used to pay Striga's monthly bills, please contact your account manager at Striga for this.