Changelog 01.08.2022

  1. ADD - startDate, endDate and page are required parameters on account & card statement APIs. Dates are UNIX epoch timestamps with ms precision

  2. ADD - Card tracking number will be present in .address.trackingNumber - Will not be returned on sandbox, but will be present on production. Tracking number is present when card.dispatchMethod === EXPRESS || TRACKED

Changelog 22.07.2022

  1. Get PIN is available only for activated physical cards. Other card types do not have a PIN
  2. User uniqueness is scoped to a tenant
  3. Better error messages on failed transfers
  4. FEATURE - Card authorization simulator against any account asset supported on Striga
  5. Update startDate & endDate to be Epoch timestamp values, no longer accepts strings.
  6. Add balanceBefore and balanceAfter to intra/inter responses
  7. Only EEA country codes allowed on signup and card delivery
  8. Sanitized all list APIs to return count and total
  9. Get card statement returns the total number of transactions under total
  10. Added intra/inter/card transaction webhook notifications to /tx stub on root webhook URL. Format in docs
  11. Several other bug fixes and performance improvements

Dashboard Changelog 08.07.2022

  1. Create a card with an account linked - Whenever you create a card for the user, we will ask you to select the account you want to connect.
  2. Showing bank details in the EUR account - When you navigate to the EUR account of users, you will be able to view the EUR bank details.
  3. View/update account linking details in cards - On the cards page, you can view the respective account linked to this card, also an option that allows you to update with a different account.
  4. View the linked card on the accounts page.
  5. Allowing users to copy basic IDs of accounts, cards, and tx.
  6. Transfer - Intra Ledger Transactions, i.e., transfer between two consumers with different/same currencies.
  7. Transfer - Inter Ledger Transactions. i.e., transfer between consumer or corporate and visa versa with same/different currencies.
  8. Added all types of transactions on the tx details page.

Changelog 06.07.2022

  1. Check before linking card if it is NOT blocked or in a non-ACTIVE state
  2. Interledger same response as intra
  3. Fixed invalid mobile number issue on sandbox - Mobile number is randomly generated despite what is input to ensure validity. On production these numbers are SMS validated.
  4. Balances update immediately after a transaction
  5. 3DSecure handled separately, does not error out if enrol is unsuccesful. But cannot update 3DS settings if 3DS provider is down
  6. Empty array returned when no cards have been created.
  7. Single enrichment endpoint creates or returns created enrichment
  8. Enrichments removed from get account endpoint
  9. When external service providers are down, when accesing this resource, core attempts to recreate required objects. i.e. Create Card/Enrich should not fail if the external provider comes back up at a later time
  10. Validate address country on create user to avoid invalid Alpha2 codes.
  11. Update card 3DS does not use a mobile number anymore. Only the already verified mobile number can be used for 3DS
  12. Address line 2 and state are optional in create/patch user
  13. Physical cards cannot be activated unless they are dispatched first
  14. Support for multiple IBANs per user. One user can have multiple EUR accounts and each of them enriched with a separate IBAN

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