Changelog August 2023

New fee types, Upgraded existing fee types, Card fees, Cleaner webhooks, Card PAN display updates

  1. You can now update your existing fee collection amounts (which were percentage only) to a fixed + percentage fee amount in your sandbox dashboard. Old fee settings have been migrated to the new fee collection mechanism.

  1. Up to/Threshold Fees - Update Crypto Swap Fees - After consideration from a legal perspective, we've enabled a new API to update global crypto-exchange fees dynamically Up to the threshold amount, meaning you can use these APIs on production to change crypto-exchange fees Up to the configured threshold amount, without needing to go through the legal approval process.

  2. Override Fees - The Initiate Transaction APIs now have new parameters fixedFee and percentFeeBps to override the global fee configuration for that particular transaction, for the cases where you would like a lower than configured fee to be collected on a per transaction basis.

  3. Managing your corporate account - In the process of developing a new set of endpoints to manage the funds in your corporate account, pre-existing corporate account endpoints have been moved to the "Managing your Corporate" section, where the endpoint names for fetching corporate wallets and accounts have been renamed to be grouped under the /corporate set of routes.

  4. Enriched webhooks - An issue with webhooks not matching the latest version on production has been fixed with sandbox webhooks now containing fields that match production webhooks, mainly on card authorization simulations. Please find the updated webhook documentation under the "Webhook Endpoints" section

  5. Fixed nested balance fields - Transactions that return a balanceBefore and balanceAfter field now match production balance updates to return a non-nested object that contains only the parameters amount and currency. (The balance key which is the same as the amount key will be deprecated).

  6. Additional objects determining fees collected when initiating a transaction - Initiating a transaction now returns more fine grained details about the fee you can expect to be collected at the time of a transaction, in case a percentage fee and a fixed fee is configured. These fees are calculated using the spot rate to estimate the equivalent amount in the source currency of the transaction. For example: If a fixed fee of 5 EUR + 1% is configured for a USDC withdrawal, the feeEstimate object when initiating or estimating the fee contains the equivalent amount in USDC to be collected, as follows -

    "feeEstimate": {
        "totalFee": "860",
        "networkFee": "58447001519622",
        "ourFee": "8",
        "theirFee": "852",
        "feeCurrency": "USDC",
        "gasLimit": "58447",
        "gasPrice": "1",
        "fixedFeeDetails": {
            "amount": "752",
            "exchangeRate": "0.93"
        "percentageFeeDetails": {
            "amount": "100"
  1. Copy button on card UX components - A new option when rendering the card number to enable a quick copy to the clipboard. Read more here

  2. Numerous other minor bug fixes, performance improvements, major updates to production transaction monitoring, internal monitoring flows and capital management infrastructure.

As always, the postman collection is now updated and the general API reference, reflecting the above changes.

The Fee collection mechanism is being mirrored to production and all live applications can begin utilizing these after the next release.